☤PLEASE READ | Important news regarding the new Norman Regional Hospital Healthplex.

The New Norman Regional Hospital Healthplex

Beginning on October 26, 2009, the physicians of Women’s Healthcare of Norman are excited to join Norman Regional Hospital in providing patient care at the new Healthplex hospital. This is located at the intersection of I-35 and Tecumseh in Norman.

This facility is a complete hospital and has all the services needed to provide care for our patients – including an Emergency Room, lab, Radiology , ICU, NICU, as well as Labor and Delivery and Women’s Gynecologic Surgery. The Healthplex specializes in three different areas of medicine, including Womens & Childrens, Orthopedics and Cardiology. The Healthplex Emergency Room is called the “Chest Pain Center” to cover the Cardiology aspect of the new hospital, but it is actually a full-functioning ER that can take care of all types of patient visits. The Womens & Childrens Services for NRH will now only be provided at the new Healthplex facilty, so if you need to go to the hospital for any reason you should go to Healthplex “Chest Pain Center” ER or The Womens & Childrens Pavillion/Labor & Delivery for care.

At this time there is not a medical office building available for the Women’s Healthcare of Norman clinic to move closer to the Healthplex, so our office will be staying in its current location. Due to the drive time between the two locations, the physicians will be covering laboring patients in the hospital different than before. Each doctor will have a day per week that they are not in office but are assigned to care for all four doctors patients at the hospital. This should allow us to see our office patients in an efficient time frame versus being out of office for 1-2 hours for each delivery. We feel this will allow us to continue providing high quality care to our patients, both in the hospital and in our office setting.

Please visit Norman Regional Hospital’s Website for more information:

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Thank you for allowing Women’s Healthcare of Norman and Norman Regional Hospital
to participate in your healthcare.