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Adolescence is an exciting period! It is during this stage that girls experience the greatest amount of growth
both in weight and height. It’s also a period of puberty changes (sexual maturation).

Adolescent Gynecology - OBGYN, Norman, OK

What Changes Can you
Expect During Puberty?

Sexual and physical maturation happens as a result of hormonal changes. These changes though can happen to girls at various rates. Some teens develop them earlier while others develop these changes later.

Most of these puberty changes often begin before boys of the same age.

Some of the changes to expect during puberty include:

  • Development of breasts
  • Growth of pubic hair
  • Growth of armpit hair
  • Growth of other hairs in the body such as the arms and the legs
  • Start of menstrual periods

Gynecology Care

The changes that occur during adolescence can be overwhelming for your child. Our specialists at Women’s Healthcare of Norman are well-experienced in addressing common concerns of adolescent girls.

This Includes:

This is one of the most important developments during puberty. We are here to help your teenager understand what’s going on with her body. We are also happy to answer any questions she may have and address her concerns.

There are symptoms that your teenager may complain about during or after menstruation such as excessive bleeding and pain. To understand its underlying cause, we may have to perform a gynecologic exam. This can help us determine the cause and come up with a treatment plan.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder. Some of its symptoms include having irregular periods, severe acne, excessive facial and body hair (which may happen as a result of excessive androgen), pelvic pain, and obesity.

When left untreated, PCOS can cause infertility, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and miscarriage or premature birth.

To help us diagnose PCOS, we do a thorough evaluation of our patients. This may involve doing blood tests and ultrasound.

Breast Care

Teenagers experience breast changes and development during puberty. Hence, we incorporate a breast exam during your teen’s check-up.

Breast exams help in identifying unusual lumps or growths around the breasts. This can help in the early diagnosis of conditions like fibroid tumors or breast cysts.

We also teach young women how to do a self-breast exam at home.

Breast Care - OBGYN, Norman, OK

Sexual Care

For sexually active young women, contraception is the best option if they don’t want to get pregnant. There are many contraceptive methods available, including oral contraceptives, condoms, and vaginal rings.

Our physicians will discuss the pros and cons of each, and whether each option can protect them from sexually transmitted diseases. This form of guidance can help a young woman make a more informed choice.

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