Contraception or birth control refers to any method that prevents pregnancy. There are different forms and types of contraception, each of which has its benefits and risks.

Contraception - OBGYN, Norman, OK

The most commonly used
forms of contraception are:

  • Low-dosage birth control pills
  • Intrauterine devices (IUD)
  • Nuvaring
  • Implants (Nexplanon)
  • Long-acting injectables (Depo Provera)

In order for us to recommend the most suitable birth control options for you, we will be assessing your overall health and ask you certain questions.

to Consider

  1. Can you make contraception part of your daily routine?
  2. Do you prefer a method that you don’t have to remember every day?
  3. Are you comfortable inserting contraceptives in your vagina?
  4. Do you mind if your periods change?
  5. Do you smoke?
  6. Do you want to get pregnant in the near future?

If you have questions or concerns regarding birth control or if you want to schedule a consultation, you may call us at (405) 360-1264.

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