Sonography or ultrasound is one of the most powerful tools in medicine.

Sonography - OBGYN, Norman, OK

How does ultrasound work?

The ultrasound machine transmits high-frequency sound pulses to develop images of what’s inside your body.

It uses an instrument called a transducer to emit high-frequency sounds. These sound waves travel into the body and hit a boundary between tissues. Some of these sound waves are reflected back while others continue to travel until they hit a boundary and bounce back.

The echoed waves are recorded and help us determine the size, shape, and consistency of organs and tissues.

In women’s health, it is used for both obstetric and gynecologic evaluation.

Obstetric Evaluation

Ultrasound gives us, your healthcare provider, valuable information about your pregnancy. It enables us to confirm your due date, look for your baby’s anatomy, screen for birth defects, and monitor your baby’s growth and development.

Women’s Healthcare of Norman has a team of registered sonographers. We have years of experience in obtaining images of babies in the womb.

Obstetric ultrasound results are reviewed and interpreted by our OB/GYN physicians. They work hand-in-hand with our sonographers to make sure that we have the necessary information to provide the best care possible for you and your baby.

Ultrasound can also help us determine the gender of your baby. If you prefer to know it beforehand, we can do it as early as your 15th or 16th week of pregnancy.

Gynecologic Evaluation

Ultrasound isn’t just for obtaining images of babies in the womb. They are also used in gynecology for evaluating the organs in the pelvis. These include the uterus, ovaries and cervix, and organs of the urinary tract such as the bladder.

Our specialists use ultrasound to help us evaluate the cause of your gynecological symptoms such as pelvic pain or unusual vaginal bleeding.

Gynecology Evalutaion - OBGYN, Norman, OK

Are there risks involved
in getting ultrasound images?

Ultrasound imaging is generally safe and does not use radiation. In some cases, it may be temporarily uncomfortable but it should not be painful.

Standard obstetric or diagnostic ultrasound has no known serious or harmful effects on humans.

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